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This unit introduces the trainee to some of the basic methods of handling and using glassware in a laboratory environment. The unit identifies and describes the functions of several commonly used types of laboratory glassware. Also covered are the basic proce­dures for using glassware such as pipettes and burettes. In addition, general safety procedures related to handling glassware are described, and efficient methods of cleaning and storing glassware are shown.





·         State some advantages of using glassware in a lab.

·         Describe some general uses of lab glassware.

·         Identify and describe various types of lab glassware.

·         Identify and describe fittings and accessories used with lab glassware.


Using Pipettes And Burettes

·         Describe or demonstrate a basic procedure for using a measuring pipette or a transfer pipette.

·         Describe or demonstrate a basic procedure for using a burette.


Safety, Cleaning, And Storage

·         Describe safety precautions related to handling glassware in the lab.

·         Describe or demonstrate how to clean lab glassware.

·         Describe or demonstrate how store lab glassware.





·         Advantages Of Using Glassware

·         Uses Of Glassware

·         Types Of Glassware

·         Glassware Fittings And Accessories


Using Pipettes And Burettes

·         Using Pipettes

·         Using Burettes


Safety, Cleaning, And Storage

·         Safety

·         Cleaning Glassware

·         Storing Glassware