In today’s world, law enforcement professionals need actionable information that they can take into the field to proactively respond to potential emergencies. For more than 18 years, the Law Enforcement Training Network™ (LETN) has been a partner to the nation’s law enforcement service, bringing down training costs, improving personnel performance and helping to save lives.

With the largest inventory of video content of any distance learning provider, and over 500 courses available online, CiNet’s LETN training provides accredited content for every discipline within a law enforcement agency. Our solutions come directly from the nation's leading instructors and experts, and our range of flexible and customizable delivery options, including DVDs, a web-based learning management system and an encrypted, private satellite system, ensures that your department is receiving essential educational content in a way that best supports your goals. When combined with your hands-on training, this blended learning approach results in greater retention and competency.

And CiNet is the only learning provider that offers the efficiency and security of an encrypted satellite infrastructure. Our satellite delivery option is designed to link the emergency response communities together and to give immediate and ubiquitous access to government leadership at virtually every level. Whenever and wherever the emergency rises, our satellite infrastructure ensures that Government personnel are able to communicate directly to emergency responders - providing briefings and updates, investigation leads, emergency deployment plans, personnel and equipment mobilization and evacuation notices.

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