Desktop Video-On-Demand

View PSTN training videos, course information, and complete post tests using the Internet. Desktop Video-on-Demand (DVOD) combines quality content with the dynamic delivery and flexibility proven to address a number of training challenges. Our libraries of professional security officer courses are delivered in a highly effective Web-based format, setting new standards in training and continuing education. 


Three libraries are available and you have the opportunity to include one, all or any combination of libraries with your subscription. The selection of courses in the PSTN General Library will expand each month as new titles are added to the libraries.

PSTN General Training Online Library
The courses in this library provide timely, topical training that can help satisfy training mandates including state, federal, and in-service requirements. The courses within the library are categorized under learning topics for easy manageability and lesson plan development. The available training programs increase each month as new programs are produced.

Basic Security Officer Training Series Online Library
The all new Basic Security Officer Training Series is a complete 12-part active-learning system that prepares your security officers to succeed on the job. This series includes engaging, up-to-date lessons on safety and security methods, emergency preparedness, effective communications, report writing, ethical conduct, and many other critical topics.

Supervisor Excellence Series Online Library
The transition from security officer to supervisor can be challenging. Even experienced supervisors can struggle in making sound decisions and finding the right balance between being approachable as a leader and building respect within their shift. The Supervisor Excellence series assists in the development of newly promoted personnel and helps sharpen the skills of your more experienced staff. Each course in the series includes courseware, and a post-test to measure progress.

The curriculum is available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; students can easily train from any Web-enabled computer according to their own schedules. Users will be able to receive credit for accredited courses through our Academy.

Please contact us at PSTNinfo@criticalinfonet.com if you are interested in learning more or click here.

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