Casino Security 

Casino Security Series contains (4) training modules and (3) tests covering security officer duties at casinos.

Module #1
Aimed at security managers, this program discusses overall casino security, common casino crimes, hotel security, electronic surveillance, good security officer traits and liability. The video provides excerpts from three casino programs designed specifically for the security officer.

Module #2
Providing valuable information about crimes and undesirable activities common to casinos, Program Two covers incidents ranging from purse thefts to scoopers to rail thieves. The video focuses on providing good guest relations, gaming regulations for minors, and dealing with intoxicated patrons.

Module #3
Module Three provides officers with important information about key control and money transfers. The video examines the security officers role in slot drops, pit drops, pit fills, bill validator drops, marker exchanges, outside vendor escorts and change machine fills. It concludes with a look at how officers can achieve stronger observational skills.

Module #4
The conclusion of the Casino Series, Program Four, examines the security officer's role in electronic surveillance, hotel security, fire alarms, handling disturbances and providing medical aid. The security series is completed with a look at the who, what, when , where, why and how of report writing. 

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